Entrepreneurship is about making the right choices in anticipation of great results; everything else is Monday Night quarter-backing. It's a lonely world for those who stay up all night fretting over how to keep their customers happy & wanting more, make their payroll, take care of their family, keep their flame of innovation going, and still be true to themselves.

We feel the same way. An extra $100 in our pocket only pays for a very nice dinner for two. We'd rather do the right thing and make lifelong friends.

Terrific Mobile & Standard Apps!

We design & build apps for iOS, Android, Web and Mac OSX. These can be used for business, health, personal, fitness etc. If you have an idea, we can bring it to fruition, quickly and inexpensively!

Oodles of Knowledge!

We solve problems that require imagination, creative thinking, and solid elbow grease. If somebody out there has a solution, we find it! Otherwise, we build it for you!

Left & Right Brained!

Riveting narrative; creative story-telling; deep analytical Excel models; engaging websites; powerful apps; stimulating research; immersive videos; informative Powerpoint presentations - whatever it takes to communicate your message!


There are lots of software apps, websites, documents and other very creative things that we can build for you. You can use them to bring happiness to your business & personal life.